9th through 12th Grade Sunday School

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9th & 10th Grade

Our 9th & 10th grade students focus on an in-depth study of the Book of John. Utilizing materials which are similar to what they saw for their 5th-8th grade studies of the Old Testament, they now begin to put the whole story of the Bible together as they learn how interconnected the Old and New Testaments are and begin to grow their awareness of their personal part in God's plan.

11th & 12th Grade

Our 11th and 12th grade students are deeply immersed in Bible BootCamp. They study a variety of religions and how they have related to Christianity historically and how they may impact the students' current lives. They learn and prepare to answer questions related to their faith and why it is important to them. They also learn about many cultural topics and how they relate to the faith. Finally, they finish the year with an introduction to inductive Bible study which will help prepare them to continue studying the Bible wherever life takes them.