Adult Sunday School

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Adults Options are:

Little Lambs - Parent/Grandparent with Child Ages Newborn-3 ½

This class time will be split. First, the children will hear a short Bible story, pray and be led in a song or two. Then, the adults will discuss our church's weekly Family Worship Materials for the remaining time while the kids play and eat a small snack.

Our Great Exchange

An 8-week study from the Acton Institute which focuses on seven purposes God has in entrusting human beings with their resources to manage on his behalf—a profound privilege and responsibility that warrants our exploration beyond the "what" and "how" of stewardship to ask the more fundamental questions of "why" and for "what purposes" he calls each of us to be co-creators and cultivators.

In the Works

A 5-session series which explores how Christians can be part of God’s mission in the world. 

  • Session 1: How Do I Begin? (Sept 25 - Oct 23)
  • Session 2: What Do I Do with My Life? (Oct 30 - Dec 18)
  • Session 3: How Do I Make It Right? (Jan 15 - Feb 12)
  • Session 4: What Do I Owe? (Feb 19 - Apr 2)
  • Session 5: Where Do I Come In? (Apr 16 - May 21)


Parents/grandparents of students in this 4th-8th grade class are strongly encouraged to complete the Genesis study with their children, and attend the class with them as they see fit.