July 22, 2021 Crcsjyouth

Work Day 3

Work Day 3

Team Demo

Today included dirt, paint, and Windex! Once again, we were at the Center City Church. They were hosting an open house in the evening that we were working hard to help them be prepared for. Weirdly, this included shoveling dirt in the boiler room, framing and hanging drywall, demolishing old plaster off the ceiling, and priming their fellowship hall. This is the day that we felt we worked the hardest but had the most fun. After a quick trip to our favorite gas station, we returned home where the line to the showers ended up being several deep. Evening Chapel's topic was sacrifice. Afterward, we had an honest group discussion about sacrificing for Christ.

Tomorrow is only a half day of work and we will be outside so it should be a great day!

--The Girls (the most tired)