July 23, 2021 Crcsjyouth

Work Day 4

Work Day 4

The Boys

Today we spent our devotion, chapel, and group time discussing trust. Ironically, the night before, we learned that trusting in our leaders to not lock their bedroom door was a bad idea. Micah and Jared had to go through the bedroom window to unlock their door. We still aren't sure why it took them both to do the job.

Our work site today was working at the house of a church member of Center City Church where we had spent our week. We shoveled rocks and gravel out of his yard after a big flood. His appreciation for what we had done really touched our hearts. After lunch at our favorite gas station, we went spelunking through a deep cave and exploring the creek and ridge above. Our chapel time this evening focused on the story of Jesus walking on water. We discussed how Peter took his eyes off Jesus and worried about the wind instead of the Son. We are looking forward to our fun event tomorrow.

--The Boys (With the Frozen Skittles Vibe)