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You can access our church's digital library account with RightNow Media...

where there are thousands of Bible study and discipleship videos for kids, youth, and adults!

Here are 3 Ways to Sign Up:

(And feel free to share these with friends and family so they can use RightNow Media videos, too!)

1) Simply Click Here

This will take you to our church's registration page where you can sign up.

2) QR Code

Hover over this QR code with your phone's camera and it will prompt you to open a mobile browser. Once that prompt is selected, our church's registration page will open up for you.

3) Text

Text the code CRCMI to the number 49775 and you will receive a text back welcoming you to RightNow Media and providing you with an invite link.

Q&A about RightNow Media:

Q: Is it too late to sign up?

A: No, you can sign up anytime!

Q: I am not a member of this church. Am I allowed to sign up for RightNow Media through this church?

A: Yes! We are excited you are here and love that we can share this opportunity with you.

Q: My family lives in a different state, is it really ok to share access with them?

A: Yes! Rightnow Media encourages us to pass it along to as many people as possible. We want everyone to have access to great Christian content, so share away!


Q: Will the church get reports on what I watch on Rightnow Media? 

A: No, the church will only get info on the top watched videos but will NOT have access to who watched what.


Q: Can I listen to the videos like a podcast?

A: Yes! Just download the Rightnow Media App to your phone. The option to only listen will be at the top right once you choose your video.