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Altoona, PA Trip ~ July 17-24, 2021
We are home

We arrived back to the church at 7:00pm this evening. We can't wait to share the details of the trip with you all tomorrow (Sunday) night at 6:00!

--The Leaders (tired but blessed)

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Fun Day

After a long 2 hour car ride, we arrived in Ohiopyle. We enjoyed a quick lunch and short hike before heading to the Water Water Rafting place. We suited up and ventured out. The day was filled excitement and a little bit of chaos. We are excited to share our rigorous adventures with you. We made it back to camp, found some dinner, and then spent some time celebrating our seniors. It's hard to believe we return home tomorrow.

--The Girls

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Work Day 4

Today we spent our devotion, chapel, and group time discussing trust. Ironically, the night before, we learned that trusting in our leaders to not lock their bedroom door was a bad idea. Micah and Jared had to go through the bedroom window to unlock their door. We still aren't sure why it took them both to do the job.

Our work site today was working at the house of a church member of Center City Church where we had spent our week. We shoveled rocks and gravel out of his yard after a big flood. His appreciation for what we had done really touched our hearts. After lunch at our favorite gas station, we went spelunking through a deep cave and exploring the creek and ridge above. Our chapel time this evening focused on the story of Jesus walking on water. We discussed how Peter took his eyes off Jesus and worried about the wind instead of the Son. We are looking forward to our fun event tomorrow.

--The Boys (With the Frozen Skittles Vibe)

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Work Day 3

Today included dirt, paint, and Windex! Once again, we were at the Center City Church. They were hosting an open house in the evening that we were working hard to help them be prepared for. Weirdly, this included shoveling dirt in the boiler room, framing and hanging drywall, demolishing old plaster off the ceiling, and priming their fellowship hall. This is the day that we felt we worked the hardest but had the most fun. After a quick trip to our favorite gas station, we returned home where the line to the showers ended up being several deep. Evening Chapel's topic was sacrifice. Afterward, we had an honest group discussion about sacrificing for Christ.

Tomorrow is only a half day of work and we will be outside so it should be a great day!

--The Girls (the most tired)

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Work Day 2

Our morning devotional was on reverence which we applied to our prayer time. We all got a deeper understanding of what reverence to God really is. Once again we were at the church during our work day. Some of us moved supplies while others did some light construction. At lunch, we got to enjoy 2 bounce houses. Lesleigh was taken out by Micah on the slide. Don't worry, she's fine. We finished up at the church and made our daily pilgrimage to our favorite gas station. During our free time we played games with other groups. After small group time some of us went on a 2 mile hike and had various adventures. We're so excited to continue our work tomorrow!

--The Boys (the group with the best vibes)

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Work Day 1

We spent our day volunteering at Center City Church. The church has been here since the 1850's and is currently being renovated. We divided into 3 teams and spent the day cleaning, scraping off wallpaper, and tearing out old material. It was fun to work alongside church members and fellow mission groups. It was a highlight to tour this historical church. We enjoyed a sweet treat on the way home from our work site from our new favorite gas station. Tonight's chapel was dedicated to studying the importance of meekness in the story of Jesus' birth and throughout our lives. Can't wait to see how God uses us tomorrow.

--The Girls (the cooler group)

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We Arrived!

Today we arrived at our mission trip site. Ask us about our new favorite gas station that we found along the way. We met our TeamEffort leader, Jacob who will be working with us and the other group we will work along side. Tomorrow starts our first day of work and we are ready to begin.

--The Boys

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We Are Off!

We have arrived safely at the hotel, enjoyed a nice meal, and swam in the pool. Now off to bed as we get ready for the rest of the drive tomorrow.

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