Summer Rallies

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  • YOU!
  • Your friends,
  • Your neighbors
  • Your co-workers
  • That person you just met at the park!
  • 3wk olds, 4yr olds, 8yr olds, 14yr olds, 17yr olds, 23yr olds, 34yr olds, 47yr olds, 62yr olds, 76yr olds, 81yr olds, 100yr olds, and everyone in between!


  • Outdoor fun & socializing for ALL ages! Music, crafts, games, food, and encouraging fellowship for ALL!


  • Wednesday, August 10, 2022 6pm-9pm (Our last one for this summer!)
  • Although we would love for everyone to be able to join us for the full time, we understand that work, sports, bedtimes, etc, can sometimes get in the way. Feel free to join us when you can and leave early if you must.


  • We will plan to spend the evening outside both in the grassy lawn of the CRCSJ and in the parking lot, weather permitting. Raindates will be posted soon and announced, if needed, via Facebook and a CRCSJ Remind text.


  • To gather together as God’s family
  • To renew and strengthen our faith and the faith of those around us
  • To share the love of God with others
  • To invite the unchurched or those straying from the community of faith to join us